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Lhasa to Shanghai Train

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Like each Tibet train, the train to Shanghai from Lhasa is also especially built for the high altitude environment and equipped with advanced facilities, such as air-conditioning, supercharging system, oxygen supply, altitude display, etc. The train is also tightly sealed so as to firstly keep the inside air pressure normal and secondly prevent passengers from littering. Besides, all the carriages are installed with double-paned windows and ultraviolet filters to protect passengers from ultraviolet radiation.

The train from Lhasa to Shanghai made its debut in July, 2006. The train Lhasa-Shanghai (Z166/Z163) departs every day at 12:10 am from Lhasa Railway Station, and arrives at Shanghai Railway Station at 11:28 on the third day after about 48 hours covering a distance of 4373 kilometers. Its operational speed is also 120 km/h, 100 km/h over sections laid on permafrost. It costs around RMB1300 for a first-class sleeper berth, about RMB850 for a second-class sleeper berth and half that for a hard seat.

Lhasa to Shanghai Train Schedule

Train Available
Start City
End City
Hard Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
(11:05,1st day)
Shanghai(11:51,3rd day)
RMB 793.5
RMB 1262.5

Daily Schedule Of Lhasa-Shanghai Train

Train Station Arrival Time Dept. Time Staying Days
Lhasa --- 11:05am --- Day1
Nagqu 14:50pm 14:56pm 6min Day1
Golmud 01:35am 02:00am 25min Day2
Xi'ning 09:06am 09:26am 20min Day2
Lanzhou 12:11pm 12:26pm 15min Day2
Xi'an 20:34am 20:44am 10min Day2
Zhengzhou 02:50am 02:58am 8min Day3
Xuzhou 05:43pm 05:58pm 15min Day3
Bengbu 07:17am 07:22am 5min Day3
Nanjing 08:54am 09:00am 6min Day3
Wuxi 10:56am 11:01am 5min Day3
Shanghai 11:51am --- --- Day3


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