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Tibet Travel Guide and Travel Information

Tibet, isolated on the remote Himalayan Plateau, is every traveler’s dream. It draws millions of travelers each year to explore its old Tibetan culture, and pure, untouched scenery.

Tibet's Location

Tibet is the southwest frontier of China, the larger southern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is directly south of Xinjiang and Qinghai, west of Sichuan, northwest of Yunnan in China; and borders Burma, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and the disputed area of Jammu and Kashmir on the south and west.

Tibet's Topography

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the largest and highest plateau in the world. Thus it is known as the roof of the world. It is regarded as the third pole, as its remoteness and harsh climate rival the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau generally slopes from the northwest to the southeast, with a complex and varied terrain of mountains, valleys, glaciers, lakes, steppe and tundra.

It supports a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and rare animals in a wide variety of climate zones ranging from high-altitude polar to tropical, desert to wet. The natural scenery varies with altitude and (in the summer) can provide "four seasons' beauty on one mountain in one day;.

The landscape can be divided into four areas: the Himalayas, Southern Tibet Valley, North Tibet Plateau, and East Tibet Canyons.

The Himalayan Mountains are in the south of Tibet, an east–west mountain range with an average altitude of about 6,000 meters (20,000 feet). Mt. Everest is located in Tingri County, Shigatse Prefecture, on the border of Nepal.

At 8,844 meters (29,017 feet) it has the highest point on the earth's surface. The Himalayas are covered by ice and snow all year round above 5,700 meters (19,000 feet). Read more on Tibet's altitude

Highlights of Tibet

Tibet’s Cultural Heritage

There are so many Buddhist buildings in Tibet due to Tibetans’ strong culture of faith. The oldest and most popular ones include Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, and Samye Monastery.

The Fantastic Natural Scenery

See turquoise, crystal-like lakes, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and grasslands.

The Tibetan People

Walk through Lhasa’s streets or take a cup of tea at a local tea house to see and meet these hardy and devout, traditionally feudal people.

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