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What to Pack for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List – Exactly What You Need To Bring

sleeping bag needed for EBC tour

One of the more daunting tasks you will encounter on the Everest Base Camp Trek is packing for the trek itself! To help you get a head start we have compiled an easy to navigate and complete list of what you will need for the typical Everest Base Camp Trek and similar treks in the region.

The guide is by no means definitive in that you have to pack everything listed. It can and should be tailored to your personal need and preferences.

Throughout the article we have linked our personal recommendations for gear that we have either owned and used. These recommendations are based on past experience of trekking in the area as well as feedback from guides and travellers who have completed the trek. We believe this equipment offers the best performance as well as good value for money, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the beauty of Nepal.

Most of the equipment listed can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu or in Namche Bazaar, but understand that you run the risk of being sold cheaper, local equipment that may not be up to the standards of equipment bought before you travel.

Everest Base Camp Trek Tour is not an easy trip, therefore you should pack proper things and pieces of equipment which might be useful and necessary during your tour. Tibet Vista has offer some tips for you on the basis of experience.

Everest Base Camp usually refers to two base camps on opposite sides of Mount Everest - South Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,364 meters in Nepal and North Everest Base Camp at 5,200 meters in Tibet. Every year, there is a swarm of tourists trekking to Mount Everest from four corners of the earth. However, as a newcomer, well-prepared EBC trekking tour is quite vital, otherwise, you will have ants in your pants when being in a pretty kettle of fish. Fortunately, the following will offer some useful information on EBC trekking packages in Tibet and Nepal.

What to Pack for Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp is in the far southwest of Tibet and when you travel there, you should pack proper things and pieces of equipment which might be useful and necessary during your tour, for it might not be so convenient to buy those things along the way to Everest Base Camp because of the lack of stores caused by the harsh climate and environment. Then, what to pack for your Everest Base Camp trekking tour in Tibet?

Permits and Certificates

There are certain permits and certificates needed for traveling to EBC and you should get them before you travel to EBC. Take your ID card, Tibet Entry Permit, Aliens’ Travel Permit, Tibet Trekking Permit, and if you want to climb Mount Everest from EBC, Mountaineering License issued by the Tibet Mountaineering Association is also necessary. They are very important and you will not be allowed to travel to EBC without them. At the same time, you should prepare more and learn more about climbing Mount Everest and the difficulties. Actually, all documents can be only applied by travel agency which you contact, like Tibet Vista.

Clothing and Footwear

A down coat is necessary even in summer when you travel to EBC. If you travel to EBC during summer, you will need to take both summer clothes and winter clothes. As the altitude of EBC is above 5000m, it is cold even in summer. And some windbreaker and sweater can be quite good as well. But, it is not so cold before getting to EBC, so you will need some thin clothes too, and they should be able to absorb sweat well so as to avoid getting cold. As for the shoes, it’s very important to have a pair of strong and comfortable boots. Lightweight boots are fine and you should make sure your shoes fit well and can work well in cold or puddles.

Drugs and Equipment

Take an adequate supply of any prescription medication you use regularly, including medicine for cold, headache, stomach ache, and insect bite, diarrhea, high altitude sickness and so on, and you can ask doctors for advice. Take some oxygen bags in case you don’t feel well at EBC. Take a light down-filled sleeping bag as it can be very cold at night.

Food and Drinks

Actually, no matter where you choose to trek, in Nepal or in Tibet, food, and drinks are quite important. They can help feel your oats on the way to EBC. Thus taking some high-calory snacks such as chocolates and dried beef meat is necessary and important. They may help you feel better at high altitude, accordingly, the risk of altitude sickness will be lessened. You are also recommended to take some drinking water and bottled mineral water is quite good. Water purification tablets can be useful during trekking if you would like to trek to EBC.

Skin Protection and Others

Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary for the solar radiation is quite strong in the high altitude. And sunglasses can also protect your eyes from the white snow covered on Mount Everest. Don’t forget to take a camera, enough films or a large memory card and some spare batteries. You will love the scenery on the highest mountain and I believe your camera can be very busy all along the way to EBC. You can find more information on what to pack for Tibet tours. And you can click Tibet travel advice to know more about Tibet travel.

What to Pack for Nepal Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is one of the most challenging and attractive destinations. Although the altitude is higher, there are still packed with trekkers on the way, especially during the best seasons to trek in Nepal - Spring and Autumn. Trekkers usually fly to Lukla (at 2,800 meters) to save time and energy before beginning the morning trek to this base camp. Although, there are many different routes to Everest, the traditional trekking route from Lukla to EBC is the hottest, which takes between 10 – 14 days. There are some differences between trekking in Nepal and in Tibet owing to distinct reasons. We also list the packages for reference.

Permits and Certificates

Travel documents of Nepal EBC trek tour include tourism visa for Nepal, passport, and Trekking Information Management System card (TIMS card) which be applied from government registered Trekking Companies, just like Tibet Vista. Every trekker should obtain TIMS Card covering trekker’s detail to keep them safe. Besides, trekkers should always keep these documents handy while immersing in an adventurous journey like trekking to Everest Base Camp.

Hiring Guides/Porters

Tourists may feel confused, why do need a guide or porter for the trek. Guides are definitely necessary. In general, guides are local Sherpas or Tamangs, not only can they guide you on the right path and introduce the attractions along the road, but can be inestimable should you fall sick. The reason for hiring a porter is the long trekking route, On the basis of your own load and physical condition, you can decide whether choose a porter or not. Certainly, if you are strong, the porter is not required, the price will be very high after all. Expect to pay about 2,000-2,500 Rupees a day for a porter’s service and sometimes you may offer them foods. If you decide to hire one, it is necessary to sign an agreement in advance. Guides and porters can be hired for a fee through trekking agencies, like Tibet Vista, or you can inquire at lodges in Lukla or Namche where you check in. The owners can help you negotiate a proper deal and transmit your specific needs.

Clothing and Footwear

As you know, the high altitude results in the low temperature and make the weather and climate unpredictable. Before going on your trip, you have to be aware of the best time to trek EBC, which can help you prepare well. Actually, woolen scarves, hats, woolen gloves, woolen socks and cotton socks, woolen jackets, overcoats, windcheaters, raincoats, trousers, all these should be packed. At high altitude, keeping you warm is crucial. Make sure your boots are comfortable, waterproof, lightweight, breathable, after all, the proper footwear is extremely important for trekking.

Drugs and Equipment

Altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS), is caused by acute exposure to low amounts of oxygen at high altitude, also the great threat to tourist’s health. In actual fact, it is not so horrible if you have a full awareness of it and keep exercise before trekking. Besides, you must pull out all the stops to prepare the first-aid to overcome wound even the small cuts, you must have a clear and definite awareness of potential danger at the high altitude. Also, the condition of the road is not so smooth and trekking normally involves enough cuts and blisters. Proof of the pudding is in the eating, you will be very grateful for an elaborate first aid kit and our advice.

Trekking gears are very important for EBC trekking, you should rent instead of buying. Thus when you leave from Nepal, your luggage will be light, the cost will be cut down. The most important trekking gear is poles that will assist you in keeping balance and ascending or descending. Meanwhile, flashlights and enough batteries are also necessary and goggles are also required for trekking purposes.

Food and Drinks

Although the food and drinks is not as delicious as in Kathmandu, they are also available. There are many tea houses along the trekking route, tourists can take a break, eat and get accommodation. Imagine yourself to be surrounded by mighty snow-capped mountains. Definitely you can pack some dry foods, particularly chocolates and food reach in carbohydrates. Note that drinks are significant for this journey. The water from the flowing streams is not drinking water, no matter how limpid they look. So it is essential to carry your own packed water and purify them with the tablets.

Skin Protection and Others

Sun protection is essential to sunburn prevention out of doors, at high altitude in particular. The ultraviolet ray is so strong owing to the thin air, it is easy to burn your skin. Therefore, sun cream, sunglass, sun hat should be equipped. Also, the camera plays an important role in traveling and can record the impressive scenery and your excellent moment.

After reading this guide, whether Everest Base Camp trek tour seems to be a piece of cake? Your experience and feelings concerning journey are your own and not to be shared, therefore, starting your own trip, you will be sure to find great enjoyment of this trek.