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Hotels the Way Everest Base Camp

on the Mt. Everest Base Camp, it is very hard to stay in the guesthouse for its extremely poor condition. However, when you appreciate the mighty Mount Everest, your satisfaction is easily worth the initial investment of time and energy. Here we also will offer some hotels for you to choose from.

Guesthouse at Everest Base Camp

Hotels in Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Base Camp

Rongbuk Monastery is a monastery which is 4km away from Everest Base Camp, and also is claimed to be the highest monastery in the world. As a result, there is the choice between Everest Base Camp Tent Guesthouse and Rongpuk Guest House, 2-4 dorms a room in Rongpuk Guest house, the guest house has a restaurant which provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. About tents, 6-12 people share a tent, but it is difficult to choose in summer when the Everest Base Camp is overcrowded. We highly recommend tents because the tents have stoves inside which is warmer than in cold stone rooms.

Accommodations are very primitive, no toilet, no sink area, no electricity but some hot water given by the host. As the accommodations are in the wild, so no special bathroom, you have to relieve yourself in the wild too. Breakfast is simple, like Pan-cake, yak butter tea. The tent hosts offer better breakfast than Rongbuk Guest House. Most of the hosts can speak English.

There is also a hotel called Everest Hotel or Everest View Hotel, it offers twin room but no private bathroom. The bedding is cleaner than the guesthouse, breakfast is in Chinese Style. But the room rate is pretty expensive, 380RMB for a night and two breakfasts. Because it is the only hotel at Rongbuk. As there is no heating system at Rongpuk Area, so the hotel is extremely cold in winter.

Staying Rongbuk Monastery or Everest Base Camp is absolutely an unforgettable experience in one’s whole life. Imagine that you sleep with Mount Everest, how wonderful it is! Certainly, you can also view the fog and morning light of Mount Everest while brushing your own teeth. Every coin has two sides, staying such a high altitude region means that the risk of altitude sickness will be increased. But it is not necessary to worry about this, as long as you are accompanied by the local tour guide arranged by us, the only thing what you should do is appreciation.