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Restaurant around Everest Base Camp

Eating is the most basic part for any human being to live. People need food to have energy and keep alive. Then, how about eating during your Everest Base Camp tour? This article will share you some information about the best restaurant around Everest Base Camp (EBC).

As we all know that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and on such high altitude, no crops are able to grow. So, there is not much to eat around EBC and the food here is mainly transported from Shigatse. As for the restaurants, there are mainly two kinds of restaurants here around EBC: one is the restaurant in Rongbuk Monastery, the others are the tent restaurants. And of course, none of them can match those restaurants in other cities or towns at lower altitude in tibet.

Restaurant around Everest Base Camp

The monastery restaurant is managed by the Rongbuk Monastery which is around 8km away from EBC. And along the way from Rongbuk Monastery to EBC, there are tent restaurants managed by local Tibetans. Tent restaurant is very small and in fact it’s only the small kitchen of a tent. While, the food and dishes of the two kinds of restaurants are of no big difference, which are mainly fried rice and noodles and some other food and dishes. Green vegetables are very scarce here, and you’d better not expect to have some here. Besides, the prices of the food are much higher than those of other places. There are no other restaurants around EBC.

If you ask me which is better of the two kinds of restaurants, I recommend the monastery restaurant to you, for it is big in space and warm and there are people from all over the world gathering there sitting around a yak-dung burning stove.