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Entrance fee of Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest has been the sacred place which adventurers from four corners of the earth are keen on visiting. Actually, you can choose to view the charm of Mount Everest from Everest Base Camp in both Nepal and Tibet. Besides applying for certain certificates and permits, you will also need to pay the entrance fee. Then, how much is the entrance fee of Everest Base Camp (EBC)? Here you will find the answer.

Everest Base Camp

Entrance Fee of Tibet Everest Base Camp

Drive to EBC in Tibet

Generally, travelers who travel to EBC from Lhasa in Tibet are charged an entrance fee of 180RMB (around 28.5 US dollars) per person. And the tour guides are also requested to pay the entrance fee of EBC unlike in any other tourist sites in Tibet. Besides, the vehicles taking you into the EBC are also charged entrance fees according to the type of the vehicles. Usually, 4WDs are popular vehicles in EBC as the road from Tingri to EBC is somewhat bumpy and it charges an entrance fee of 405RMB (around 64.8 US dollars) per 4WDs. Other large vehicles like tourist bus are charged 606RMB (about 97 US dollars) per one.Of course, you will afford the cost of vehicles which you use, if you choose to join in our small group tour, the cost will be cut down, and we will help you apply for all permits you need.

At the same time, viewing the first sight of Mount Everest at Gawula Pass(5198m)is quite popular for tourists. And Gawula Pass is also the indispensable part of the road to Everest Base Camp when you take the car. When passing here, we will stop to let tourists take some pictures of Mount Himalaya. There is no doubt that Gawula Pass is the best place to great vista of Mount Everest. You will have a chance to get the panoramic view of other four peaks in Himalaya region which are at over 8000 meters above sea level - Mount Shishapama(8027m), Mount Lotse(8516m), Mount Makalu(8485), and Mount Cho Oyu(8201). That’s why travelers make Gawula Pass on their must-see traveling list.

Trek to EBC in Tibet

Certainly, if you have enough time and energy, trekking to Mount Everest is also an excellent option. Generally, you can trek from old Tingri to Everest Base Camp, you will be absolutely enchanted by the natural landscape along the road and feel reluctant to leave. Given the inhospitable environment in Himalayan region, do not expect to have 4-star facilities of hotels along the road to Mount Everest. Generally, the tent house or humble guesthouse is your only choice, the facilities are quite poor, there are no bathrooms inside the rooms, and the toilet is dirty.

However, the epic Himalayan scenery along the road will make you feel on top of the world. When trekking to Everest Base Camp from Tingri, you will be given a close quarters exciting experience in such a secret Himalayas – the roof of the world. The landscape along the trekking road will tell a story not only about unique Tibetan Culture in Himalayas, but also the effects of climate change on the Tibetans who live there.Imagine that a flock of sheep or yaks range over the mountain slope in search of pasture, sometimes several clusters of white clouds drift across the blue sky, the herdsman sings Tibetan song in a leisurely way, which constitutes a beautiful picture scroll on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The view is picturesque and beautiful and completely surprising, which you have never been in the countryside before. And you will have an opportunity to camp in the wild and see the herdsmen who have been living in harmony with nature in high altitude area from generation to generation.

We believe you will have a full and deep awareness of Tibetan Culture, which will leave you awestruck. So, if you want to appreciate Mount Everest and fulfill your dream, you have to continually challenge yourself and keep trying something new, perhaps, that is the true meaning of trekking to Mount Everest. And when arriving at Everest Base Camp, you will forget those things. In addition, it is necessary to know that you have to be accompanied by the local Tibetan tour guide in Tibet, therefore, tourists are not allowed to travel to Tibet lonely.

Entrance Fee of Nepal Everest Base Camp

Besides visiting Everest Base Camp in Tibet, travel to EBC in Nepal is another option. Nepal Everest Base Camp is located at the Sagarmatha National Park, entrance to a Sagarmatha National Park requires a permit with certified permission of entering the park, which means you need to applyfor Sagarmatha National Park Permits. All certificates and permits that you need can be applied in Kathmandu (Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation at NTB building, Bhrikuti Mandap) or on the way to Everest Base Camp in Manjo village at Sagarmatha national park office.

There are two kinds of charge rate, the entry fee for foreigners is 3390 NRs per person, (about 32.73 USD), for SAARC (South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation) is 1,695 NRs per person (about 16.37 USD).

Everyone who is planning to visit Mount Everest in Nepal should pay this entrance fee, but yet you can get them for free when your children are below 10 years old. EBC in Nepal side is not like that in Tibet, there is only one way to get to Everest Base Camp - trekking.

In general, you can fly to Lukla from Kathmandu, and trek from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. We know you must have some questions about the accommodation and dining on the way, take it easy, the way to Mount Everest from Lukla is called “teahouse trekking road”, so accommodation and dining are not problems. If you choose to find a local travel agency, just like us, all your reasonable needs will be met.

As you trek to EBC, you need to pack light, especially the trekking gears, of course you can rent it. We suggest you rent in Thamel in Kathmandu Valley because there are lots of gears that you can choose. And you also can rent in Namche Bazaar which is popular with trekkers in the Khumbu region. The town has a number of lodgings and stores catering to the needs of visitors as well as a number of internet cafés. If you have heavy packages, it is necessary to hire a porter to help you, the pricing is different, you can negotiate with them or ask for the help of the tour guide.

Now, if you want to have an Everest Base Camp Tour, you may be interested in how to get to EBC. The truth is you can get to EBC from Nepal or get to EBC from Lhasa, in either way, as you like. Just make sure that you have the permits and certificates needed for traveling to EBC.

Everest Base Camp Tour Tips

1.Everest Base Camp in both sides is at high altitude, over 5000m, so the risk of altitude sickness will be increased, it is quite important for you to get acclimatized, after all, the health is much more important.

2.Since the alpine climate and weather are unpredictableand constantly changing, the clothing should be packed enough, at the same time, raincoat is also essential, especially in rainy season (mid-June to Aug), you can refer to the best time to visit Everest Base Camp in Tibet and Nepal.

3.The trekking gears can be rent in Nepal, which can make your packages lighter. Renting also can avoid that your gears are not suitable.