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Lhasa Weather in October

Lhasa Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
October   1 64 °F 17.78 °C 40 °F 4.44 °C
October   2 64 °F 17.78 °C 39 °F 3.89 °C
October   3 64 °F 17.78 °C 39 °F 3.89 °C
October   4 64 °F 17.78 °C 38 °F 3.33 °C
October   5 63 °F 17.22 °C 38 °F 3.33 °C
October   6 63 °F 17.22 °C 38 °F 3.33 °C
October   7 63 °F 17.22 °C 37 °F 2.78 °C
October   8 63 °F 17.22 °C 37 °F 2.78 °C
October   9 62 °F 16.67 °C 36 °F 2.22 °C
October   10 62 °F 16.67 °C 36 °F 2.22 °C
October   11 62 °F 16.67 °C 36 °F 2.22 °C
October   12 62 °F 16.67 °C 35 °F 1.67 °C
October   13 61 °F 16.11 °C 35 °F 1.67 °C
October   14 61 °F 16.11 °C 34 °F 1.11 °C
October   15 61 °F 16.11 °C 34 °F 1.11 °C
October   16 61 °F 16.11 °C 33 °F 0.56 °C
October   17 60 °F 15.56 °C 33 °F 0.56 °C
October   18 60 °F 15.56 °C 33 °F 0.56 °C
October   19 60 °F 15.56 °C 32 °F 0 °C
October   20 59 °F 15 °C 32 °F 0 °C
October   21 59 °F 15 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
October   22 59 °F 15 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
October   23 59 °F 15 °C 31 °F -0.56 °C
October   24 58 °F 14.44 °C 30 °F -1.11 °C
October   25 58 °F 14.44 °C 30 °F -1.11 °C
October   26 58 °F 14.44 °C 30 °F -1.11 °C
October   27 57 °F 13.89 °C 29 °F -1.67 °C
October   28 57 °F 13.89 °C 29 °F -1.67 °C
October   29 57 °F 13.89 °C 28 °F -2.22 °C
October   30 56 °F 13.33 °C 28 °F -2.22 °C
October   31 56 °F 13.33 °C 28 °F -2.22 °C

Weather: October has about the best weather, but it also is when crowds of tourists come in. It is one of the best months for travel around Lhasa and Tibet weatherwise. It is the start of the dry season with only 5 days of rain and a total of only 9 mm of rainfall. If you want warm days and dry weather with lots of sunshine, October is when to come. There are 9 hours of sunshine a day on average.

The average nightly low temperature is 2 °C (36 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 17 °C (63 °F). It feels warm because the altitude is 3,600 meters (12,000 feet). The UV radiation is high. See the Lhasa weather forecast>>

Clothing: There is a huge temperature drop of 15 °C at night. So it is best to dress in layers with a coat, trousers, a T-shirt, a sun hat and sunglasses. You might be able to wear shorts on some days, but you'll still need a coat at night. Have some rain gear, and remember to take winter gear up to higher mountain regions.

Altitude Sickness: Oxygen in Lhasa is only 2/3 that of sea level. Seek medical advice, as some medical issues are exacerbated. Most people get altitude sickness.

Things to Do in Lhasa in October

Shop and Dine on Barkhor

Barkhor Street: In Lhasa's main shopping street, you'll see people bowing and stretching their way on the pavement. This is a traditional Buddhist way to worship and make pilgrimages. Their focus is Jokhang Temple on the street. They circle it and worship outside.

The street has dozens of stores selling handicrafts and artwork. Tibetan rugs, clothes, crafts products, and gold and silver jewelry make good souvenirs. Remember that haggling is expected. During the National Day holidays in the first week of October, the street is crowded.

Tour the Ganden Monastery

Ganden Monastery: This big monastery is an authentic ancient and important monastery where crowds of monks are still trained. It is probably the most scenic and interesting monastery, and it sits on a mountain at an elevation 4,300 meters or 14,000 feet in a scenic area where there is good hiking. Even the 1½-hour drive there is scenic.

Ganden is one of Tibetan Buddhism's three main monasteries. It contains huge temples and was founded in 1409. Many think it is Tibet's best monastery to see because it isn't a museum like others in Lhasa and the scenery is great. See the autumn colors on the mountains and enjoy the sunlight.

Hiking Near Lhasa

Hike between Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery: The dry sunny weather is a good time to hike in the high altitude areas. Between Ganden and Samye, there is a great high altitude hiking route. The 80-kilometer route can be covered in several days. Be prepared with good winter gear and rain gear. It is one of the best hiking routes in Tibet and is conveniently near Lhasa.

Touring Lhasa in October

High Travel Season

High season: A big National Day travel rush starts at the end of September, and it lasts until about the middle of October. In one in three years the Mid-Autumn Festival adds even more tourists in the first half of October.

But tourism drops off in the second half of October, so you might want to aim for later in the month if you want to get lower prices, have a better choice of accommodations, and go when there are fewer crowds.

You should plan ahead and prearrange for tickets and accommodations in October. You'll need a Tibet Travel Permit, which we can arrange.

Recommended Tibet Tour Packages

7-Day Train Trip from Xining to Lhasa and Tour: You can watch the scenery from the windows while you acclimate to high altitude, and then enjoy a tour of the Lhasa highlights.