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Tibet Group Visa & Tibet Travel Permit from Nepal

Tibet Group Visa - Must-Have Travel Visa for Nepal Tibet Tour

Tibet Group Visa is a special type of single entry Chinese visa usually maximum for 30 days and issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu Nepal for tourists who plan to travel to Tibet from Nepal

All foreign travelers (Nepalese included), have to apply for the Tibet Group Visa in Kathmandu Nepal if you are getting to Tibet from Nepal. Maybe you already have the valid Chinese Visa and Tibet Travel/Entry Permit, thus you are only allowed to travel to Tibet from mainland China. The Chinese Visa will NOT be admitted and allowed to go to Tibet from Nepal at the customs office.

What is Chinese Group visa?

The Chinese Group Visa is a special visa issued by a respected Chinese Embassy base on above scenarios.

It is a set of two A4 sized Paper VISA. It contains all the personal details of the group members including; Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Occupation, Your passport number, and Nationality. And the Date of Entry and Exit. This Visa could be valid for Your journey in Tibet and your extended journey in other parts of China.

Out of two sets of it. One is for arrival and other is to use while exiting the country.

Following this, We will explain about the Chinese Group visa in two above mention scenarios

A) Chinese Group Visa from Nepal ( Nepal to Tibet tours) If visitors are coming to Tibet from Nepal. It is compulsory for all to apply for a Chinese Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Your Chinese Visa from home will be revoked. because no individual can hold two valid VISA.

How to apply the Tibet Group Visa?

Since foreign tourists are only permitted to travel to Tibet with arranged tour schedules, lodging and accompanied by local travel guide, driver and vehicle, all you need to have to do is book a tour package from one reliable and professional Tibet travel agency, they will take care of all travel arrangements as you requested including the group visa application. Individual application from the Embassy is prohibited; travel agency can submit the Group Visa only. Get to know more details about the Tibet Group Visa with following introductions.


1. Book a Nepal Tibet Tour Package starting from Kathmandu with Travel Tibet China.

2. Send us a clear photo of your valid passport. We will use it to apply for Tibet Travel Permit and invitation letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau for you.

3. Submit Tibet Group Visa application. Our staff in Kathmandu will bring an Application Form to you and help you complete the form, collect your original passport and passport-size photo, then submit all required documents (including the Invitation Letter prepared by us) to Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to apply for the Group Visa. ( Note : You can still hold copy of passport to travel in Nepal when you original passport is taken to embassy for visa application.)

4. Obtain your Tibet Group Visa. You can get Tibet Group Visa from our Nepal office, or let us deliver it to your hotel. We will collect the issued visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu on embassy working days from Monday to Friday.

How Long to Obtain Tibet Group Visa:

Currently, Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu opens Regular Visa Service and Urgent Visa Service to all applicants. The Regular processing needs 5 working days and Urgent service needs only 3 working days. For urgent processing, if you submit visa application to embassy before 12:00 am on the first day, you can get your Tibet Group Visa on the third day, otherwise, your Tibet Group Visa can only be collected on the fourth day.

Documents You Should Prepare:

Non-Chinese passport holders must prepare the following documents and certificates in order to get Tibet Visas & permits smoothly.

A. Valid Passport & Scan Copies of Passport. Passport is the basic and the most important travel document certificating holder’s identity and nationality. It should be valid for at least 6 months. Besides, tourist also need to prepare some scan copies for multiple cases, which will be used for TTB (Tibet Travel Permit, or Tibet Entry Permit) application in Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB).

B. Passport-size Photos. We will prepare Visa Application Form and help you fill in it. The photo is required to be a recent 48mmX33mm front passport-size photo on white background without hat on. Applicants don’t need to go to the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in person. Our staff in Nepal will submit the related documents to work it out.

Information of Embassy of PRC in Nepal

Address: Baluwatar, Kathmandu,Nepal
Ambassador Tel: 00977-1-4419389
Fax: 00977-1-4414045
Tel (daytime): 00977-1-4411740
E-mail: chinaemb_np@mfa.gov.cn
International Call Code: 00977-1
Working Hour: From Monday to Friday

(9:00a.m.-12:00a.m. & 14:00p.m.-17:00p.m. Local Time in Nepal)
Cosular Section of Embassy will be closed during Nepal holidays and Chinese national holidays according to notices released from embassy.

Official Website: http://np.china-embassy.org/eng/

Visa Fee of Tibet Group Visa

Nationality Time of Entry Regular (US Dollar) Urgent (US Dollar) Extreme Urgent (US Dollar) Service Charge (Per Person)
US Passport Holders Group Visa (Single) 140 156 177 25 USD
Canadian Citizens 85 100 125
Nepalli Citizens 27 41 48
Israeli Citizens 42 60 80
Romanian Citizens 84 100 122
Serbian Citizens 2 4 5
Albanian & Micronesian Citizens 5 5 5
Brazilian Citizens 130 147 168
Argetina Citizens 150 165 187
Other Citizens 51 68 89

Tibet Group Visa VS Chinese Visa – difference between Chinese Visa and Group Visa

These two kinds of visas are often inquired and make lots of confusion when tourists decide to enter Tibet. Apart from the form of visa, TibetDicovery lists most frequently asked questions about difference between them to give you clear guideline. You are free to contact us for more queries.

1. From Where to Tibet. Chinese Visa with TTB is must - have travel documents when entering Tibet from mainland China. You can apply for the Chinese Visa in your home country or other third countries. However, the entry into Tibet from Nepal needs TTB & the Tibet Group Visa issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu Nepal. Your previous Chinese Visa will be invalid if you actually get into Tibet from Nepal. The choice of the two visas depends on your tour route to Tibet.

2. Times of Entry. Chinese Visa includes many types of visa based on different visiting purpose when traveling to China. Foreigner who are going to China for tourism should apply for Chinese Tourist Visa ("L" Visa). The Chinese Visa includes single-entry, double-entry and multiple entry visas, and charges differently. Tibet Group Visa is a special single entry visa only can enter Tibet, China once and expire when you exit.

3. Applied in Person or not. Tibet Group Visa only can be submitted and applied to Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal by Nepal Travel company, no individual applicant is allowed to do the application. If you want to apply for Chinese Visa, you enjoy large freedom to submit to any authorized Chinese Embassies.

4. Holders of Visa. Tibet Group Visa applies to small, large groups of tourists, usually they will share a same visa sheet, while the Chinese Visa can be only held individually.

5. Entry and Exit Regulation. Tibet Group Visa demands all tourists in the group tour enter Tibet and leave China at the same time and same place, while there is no such restriction about Chinese Visa holders. Normally they are free to choose which port to get in and out.

6. Extend or not. The Chinese Visa is extendable to a longer stay period with much more flexibility in any city authorized to issue, but Tibet Group Visa usually covers the already arranged tour in Tibet and mainland China, can not be extended when you finish all the booked itinerary.