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How to apply for Tibet permit 2024

Tibet Travel Permit - How to apply for Tibet permit

Tibet Permit:
Needed by:
√ Foreign citizens
√ Overseas Chinese with no Chinese passport
√ Taiwan citizens
× Hong Kong citizens
× Macau citizens

How to Apply:
1. Book a Tibet tour with Travel Tibet China.
2. Send passport and China visa copies and your occupation to us.
3. We will do the rest.

When Checked:
1. At train station
2. At airport
3. Enter Tibet
Aliens'Travel Permit: We will help you apply for this, if necessary, according to your itinerary.

How to Apply a Tibet Travel Permit

Foreigners are not allowed to apply for Tibet permits independently. You have to find a China-based travel agency, like China Travel Tibet China, to help you do it. What's more, foreign citizens are not allowed to travel in Tibet independently. You have to be accompanied by a tour guide.

The first requirement for a Tibet Travel Permit is a China visa.

To apply for a Tibet Travel Permit, all you need to do is:

Find an approved Chinese travel agency to help arrange your Tibet tour (your tour itinerary must be shown on the permit).

Send your passport and China visa copies to your travel agency, and they will help apply for Tibet entry.

Applications are almost always successfully if you:

Send your passport and China visa copies at least 7 working days before departure to Tibet if you enter Tibet by train. The earlier the better.

If you are taking flights to Tibet, you are suggested to send passport and China visa copies at least 15 days before departure. Because original permits must be check when boarding, so extra time is needed for mail delivery. Your occupation on the permit shouldn't be diplomat, journalist, or government official. Otherwise, you have to apply for entry through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.

And you can only enter Tibet from the departure city as listed on your itinerary. For example, if your departure city is Beijing, you can only use the permit at Beijing airport, not other cities' airports. If you want to change your departure city, please do inform your travel agency at advance, so that we can help you apply for another permit.

How to Use Your Tibet Travel Permit — When It's Checked

Your travel agency help you apply for the permits and send it to you before your departure.

Tibet Travel Permit Will Be Checked at Train Stations/Airports

A copy of your Tibet Travel Permit will be checked at your departure train station. And you are suggested to print at least 2 copies.

Your original permit will be checked at your departure airport (Nepal only requires copy). In Tibet, your Entry Permit could be checked at any time, but typically it is when you check in at your hotel and when you enter Lhasa.

You are suggested to give permits to your Tibet tour guide for safe keeping.

Travel Tibet China Help You Get a Tibet Travel Permit

We can help you with your Tibet tour arrangements in good time and meet the above requirements, and also help get the permits. Currently we have helped our customers obtain Tibet Travel Permits with success rate of 100%. But we don't provide a separate visa/permit application service.

Entering Tibet from Nepal — Group Visas Needed

Entering Tibet from Nepal requires a "Tibet group visa" (at least 3 people in a group) valid for Tibet from the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. It normally takes two weeks to obtain it.

First, you will still need to find an approved Tibet travel agency, like Travel Tibet China, to help you apply for a Tibet permit.

After you receive an invitation letter and Tibet itinerary from your Chinese agency, a Nepal travel agency, e.g. our partner in Kathmandu, will help you apply for your Tibet Group Visa (Click for details).