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The Most Classic Tibet Cycling Tour Routes

Travelling is never about just one activity. It is about enjoying each day of the trip in a brand new way. Tibet is a paradise for travellers, as there are countless things to do here. The natural beauty sets the mood perfectly and the heart wants to engage in a lot of exciting activities. Travellers can explore different sides of Tibet, from the unforgettable religious experiences to the rich cultural extravaganza. The hilly roads are waiting to be explored and what better way than cycling. Keeping the body fit is a daunting task in Tibet and cycling can help greatly. It not only influences cardiovascular fitness, but also gives us endurance and a tremendous amount of stamina. But people with altitude sickness should never try cycling, as it can be disastrous.


Why cycling in Tibet is so amazing?

Travellers want to cover a great amount of area in Tibet in the limited amount of time they get. There are different modes of transportation, but the pleasure of cycling is simply superb. Tibet can be the perfect getaway for a cycling adventure and you just have to know the right routes. The rough terrains can often give rise to questions and travellers become doubtful about the possibility of cycling. The chances of cycling safely are tremendous and this activity has become extremely popular in the last decade or so. However, the travel regulations remain same in case of travelling. Independent cycling trips can’t be taken, as it is often dangerous.

You need to be a part of any organized tour and travel permits are extremely essential here. The presence of an experienced tour guide is important, as that person has the knowledge about the routes. These regulations will remain the same in the years to come as well. However, tourists must be aware of the cost of the cycling trips, which is a bit on the higher side. This is a tour you will remember forever and when you are visiting the fascinating land of Tibet, this is one journey, which you should definitely take. Live life with no regrets and indulge in cycling. The role of a support vehicle is crucial here, as it follows the cyclists till a certain length. The guide remains in the vehicle and you can always direct your queries to this person.

Lhasa to Namtso Lake Cycling

Among the other cycling tours, this one is a magical one. Tibet’s capital is home for many things and short cycling trips also start from here. The final destination is Namtso Lake and this sacred place can lure the travelers into experiencing something amazing. The trip is not that big, but some beautiful scenery can be experienced in this time span. Get introduced to Tibet’s stunning natural beauty and give a visual treat to your eyes. Tibetan plateau contains villages, grasslands, mountains and more, this is a slice of heaven.

Travel permits are given by us along with entrance tickets to the tourist sites. This saves a lot of time and you can get in your favorite place easily. The bicycle support is impressive and you never feel the lack of anything. First aid boxes along with oxygen cylinders are present in the support car, in case any emergencies occur. Tibet’s amazing cultural show can also be watched in between and the accommodation facilities are truly terrific.

Lhasa to Ganden Monastery Cycling

In Tibet, cycling can be done in the most amazing places and this route is one of them. The distance of Ganden from Lhasa is approximately 60Km and a cycle ride is absolutely app for this one. Not too much difficulty will be faced by you and everything will be completed easily. This trip is taken after relaxing in Lhasa and generally he tourists are in good physical condition. The upstream journey is simply fabulous and Lhasa River flows through some scenic villages and graceful farmlands. Ganden Monastery is a famous one and many international visitors come here. The environment in this region is totally peaceful and it calms the senses. The Chubuxi village comes in the next day, which is present right at the monastery’s foot. Interact with the local villagers and get a sneak peek into their life.

The third day mainly deals with experiencing the monasteries and Drepung and Sera are major attractions. The night spent in Ganden is a truly fabulous one and it is one of the best experiences you can have in Tibet. Tour operators have all the necessary things including travel permits, oxygen packs, delicious meals, first aid boxes, etc.

Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Cycling

This is basically a huge trip and it involves a lot of things. In most cases, the cycling trip continues for as many as 19 days. Cyclists have plenty of reasons to love this route and it taken them to an amazing land. Adventurers always prefer this and Everest Base Camp gives them the right kind of thrill. Lhasa City has a distinct climate and first three days are reserved for acclimatizing. In the mean time, you can visit the famous Potala Palace, Drepung Monastery, the sacred Sera Monastery, Jokhang Temple and plenty of other attractions. The next destination of the ride is towards Yamdrok Lake and the Kamba La route is taken for this.

Along with Gyantse Kumbum, Tashilhunpo Monastery is also visited. Gyastso-La gives an awesome view of the mighty Mount Everest and you can treasure this experience. The riding slowly becomes tougher and tougher, but the effort is put in the right place. The snowy peaks come into the view one after the other and they are totally breathtaking. The ultimate destination is reached very soon and the tour ends at this spot. All the major tourist attractions are covered in this ride.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Cycling

A true adventure lies in store for those who take this ride. Extremely popular in tourist cycles, this has become a preferred choice. In Lhasa, tourists spend some days to soak in the climate and visit the city’s top attractions. The various riding equipments are prepared after that and cyclists go towards Shigatse using the ancient Gyantse route. Tashilhunpo is visited next and Friendship Highway is taken to reach Mt. Everest. The sunset as well as the night scene is fabulous here and globetrotters can’t wish for anything more.

The journey takes a south turn after this and Mt. Shisha is viewed. After a few miles of cycling, Zhangmu town finally comes and after passing the friendship bridge, Kathmandu is reached. From ancient monasteries to beautiful icy peaks, this tour has everything. It describes Tibet’s marvelous natural beauty and significant cultural landscape.

Chengdu, Xining and Yunnan Cycling to Lhasa

Cycling in the national highways is a different feeling altogether and Chengdu is connected with Lhasa by G318 highway. The massive distance of 2154 m takes almost 20 days to cover and two mountains fall in this trip. The road can seem difficult at times, but cyclists will love this challenge. The plateau scenery is seriously amazing and apart from the forests and mountains, deep gorges are also present. Lhasa can also be reached Xining as well and the all-important Qinghai-Tibet roadway is taken for this. Technically simple and totally safe, this is meant for the novice cyclists. Tibet’s overland can also be accessed by the special highway which stats from Yunnan. The natural sightings in this route are just amazing and August-October is the suitable time span for taking this trip.