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The Ultimate Guide to Pack for Tibet Bike Tour

Tibet is the region that brings beautiful landscapes, greenery, mountains and captivating lands instantly to our minds. For those who always want to visit the most exquisite places in the world, Tibet is the best option. It is considered as the highest region on earth, having the elevation of 49,000 meters. The highest mountain, Mount Everest is located in Tibet. The place is renowned for art, music and other festivals with agriculture being the main source of running the economy.


Cycling Tour in Tibet

For cycling enthusiasts, Tibet is the best place due to its wide territory and topography. While you are on a visit in Tibet, a cycling tour will be an amazing experience. In the Tibetan Plateau, the roads have improved fabulously in the recent years and so they are perfect for the cycling courses. Some of the best recommendations for cycling tour include the Lhasa to Ganden Monastery cycling tour and Lhasa to Namtso lake bike tour.

Best Time to Go for a Tibet Cycling Tour

Exploring the region of Tibet on cycle can be a remarkable experience. However, an extensive planning is required before you go for the Tibet cycling tour as it is a huge project and you need to consider the timings, routes and budget. For cyclists, you ought to consider a lot of things in mind. You should focus on the atmosphere and climate of the region as cycle tours in Tibet must be accomplished under given the climatic conditions. This is particularly valid for a cycling visit in Tibet. Tibet has an exceptionally complex climate and is characterized by cold and dry in the Northwest, while warm and wet in the Southeast. As Tibet is located in a low atmospheric pressure and high altitude, the temperature changes a lot. You can find the clear and dry weather as well as the rainy and snowy weather.

Best time for cycle tour

If you are choosing the cycling tour in Lhasa, the best time would be from June to October. If you follow routes to Tibet from any other province, the best time for a Tibet cycle would be from April to October. Due to the heavy snows, it is dangerous to go to Tibet in November. It would be extremely hazardous to go on cycling Tibet tour from outside. The cyclists must never cycle to Tibet in winters. Lhasa is a small city of Tibet, and it will be frivolous to have a bicycle tour around Lhasa in the sunny evenings. It would be fun for a foreigner to go on a cycling tour in Tibet in the ideal weather.

From October to April, Tibet is dry and breezy. The rainfalls during this period in Lhasa represents just 3% of its year's aggregate. Hence it is known as the dry season or the windy season. From June to August, it is a warm weather with clear skies. It is the best time for cycling in Lhasa and in other surrounding areas. If you come to Tibet for cycling during these months, it will definitely be a memorable experience.

After August, the rainy season starts in Tibet and so this time is dangerous for cyclists as it will bring troubles along the long cycling tours in Tibet.

Things that you need for Cycling Tour

Going on the cycling tour in Tibet can be an exciting experience, but at the same time, you need to take the necessary equipment with you so that you don’t have to face any difficulty. Remember, the less the better. Taking excessive stuff will make the cycling difficult because of the extra stuff can be heavier. Your main focus is to carry less weight so that you can have more fun to ride. Try to keep the total load between 20 to 50 pounds. Also, keep the balance in putting the weight, 60% weight in the front and 40% on the back to ensure a balanced ride. We will discuss some of the important things that you must take with you while you go for the cycling tour.

1. Documents- Passports and Visas

Obviously, if you are a foreigner, you need to have the documentation required to visit Tibet. You must have a valid passport so that you have the legal right to start the cycling tour in Tibet.

2. Bicycle

You can either purchase a bicycle for cycling or you can get the one on the rental. If you are intending to go for the long distance cycling, then it is best to use your own bike. Mostly, Tibet witnesses long distance cyclists and foreigners pack their cycles to Lhasa along Sichuan-Tibet highway and send them back to their home after cycling. You should purchase the bicycle with spectacular features as it is a major cycling challenge to cycle to the Everest Camp. The bicycle will bring physical challenges as well because of the energy required in Extreme Mountain biking as you cycle through the roof of the world.

3. Clothes

As the temperature in Tibet varies greatly between day and night, it is essential to take care of the clothes you carry while you are going on a cycling tour. For instance, if you are planning the cycling tour in Lhasa in July, you should keep in mind that the temperature reaches up to 30 Celsius degrees at the day time. But in the night, it falls to -10 Celsius degrees. In the mountain areas, the temperature falls even lower. You should better take woolen sweaters, warm gloves, socks and other warm clothes with you. If you are travelling beyond Lhasa and Shigatse in some mountainous cold areas such as Everest base camp, a down coat, warm shoes and sweater are necessary.

4. Repair Kit

You may need the repair tools while you are on your cycling tour to Tibet. The cycle tools and equipment are critical components to take with you. The repair tool kit can save the day, but you must know how to utilize it. If you carry it without knowing how to use it, it will just add to the weight. So first learn how to use it so that you can use them as emergency repairs. If you are going for the long trip, you should take the bigger kit. The repair tools that you may require more frequent include flat tire, bolts, gears, repair broken chains and others.

5. Sleeping Bags

The need of the sleeping bags depends on the area where you are going on cycling in Tibet. Most areas of the Tibet that cyclists go to, including Lhasa, are genuinely modern and offer hotels and guestrooms. However, in some exceptionally remote areas, you may not find any hotel. In these zones, taking a sleeping bag with you is a good idea so if you are cycling or trekking in Tibet, you should bring a sleeping bag.

In Western Tibetan towns, including Saga, Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Darchen, Zanda/Guge Kingdom and Kashgar, you should surely take a sleeping bag with you. These areas are very cold and even if you find guest rooms here, they have low quality services and are not clean. It is better to take a lightweight, packable sleeping bag that is rated between - 12°C (10°F) and - 18°C (0°F). If you are planning on camping in the colder areas, you should bring an even warmer sleeping bag with you.

6. Camping

The camping requires sleeping bags that are light weighted and pack smaller. If you are going on the long distance cycling tour, you need camping on your way. Do not take synthetic bags as they are heavier and bulkier. You need to take the accessories that have low weight. Sleeping pads are light, comfortable and packable.

Apart from that, there are various other important things that you should take with you while going on the long distance cycling tour in Tibet. These include shoes, medicine, trekking equipment, foods and drinks, oxygen bags, clothing, a waist bag for keeping important things and other skin care products. Medicine is particularly important as you may need medicine for cold, headache, stomach ache and other common problems. In case, you use medicines on a regular basic, take the prescribed medicine with you.

Once you know about the things that you need to pack while doing for a Tibet cycling tour, you can enjoy the tour and explore the captivating beauty and landscapes of Tibet.