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Tashi Delek! Welcome to book Tibet tour with local Tibet travel agency and tour operator! Based in downtown Lhasa, capital of Tibet, our travel agency specializes in one-stop full travel service packaging Tibetan tour guides, drivers, cooks, vehicles, accommodations, ticketing and reliable Tibet travel permit service. Our private Tibet tour is our highlight and the price is cheaper than any other local operators. And we have opened up lots of quality Tibet group tours (4-8 pax per group) with many departures options and lower prices. To book a Tibet tour? Welcome to contact Travel Tibet China.



Affordable Quality Tibet Tours
We offer private Tibet tours with unbeatable prices. Should another Tibetan tour agency or operator offer cheaper, please email us and we will match it.
Unique Places
Discover the city and country of Tibet through the eyes of locals! Our travel agency recommends many unique places for you to expect authentic Tibetan experiences!
Instant Booking & Dedicated Support
We are a team of professionals in offering small size and quality Tibet group tours and customizing any cultural tours, photography journeys, trekking adventures and spiritual experiences.
Reliable Tibet Permits Service
You can completely rely on our professional and fast Tibet travel permits and visa application service. More over, with our Tibet travel permits, you can maximize your own flexibility in Lhasa.
We Handpick Native Tibetan Guides
We handpick “Native Tibetan Travel Guides” for all distinguished travelers. With reliable and pure Tibetan guides service staff, we enrich your once-a-life-time Tibetan travel experiences!.

What Makes Us Different

  • Easy Trip Planning Lots of useful, well-informed tips and guidance, hassles taken out
  • Expert Customizing 17 years’ experience tailoring to individual needs, always flexible
  • Guaranteed Standards Big brand western-level service, great reviews, Money Back Guarantee
  • Safe & Comfort Use standard A/C Tourist Vehicle in tour with Oxygen supply to make tour safe and comfort
  • To Meet The Demand Of Youth Offer Hotel & Guest House Options to youth to minimize the cost of a tour
  • Easy To Book Train Tickets To Lhasa We have significant advantages for visitors booking train tickets to Tibet from the Chinese mainland, Tourists can book train tickets along with group tour package

We offer completely worry-free and cost-effective Tibet group tours that cover the most popular attractions from Lhasa to Shigatse and Further to Everest Base Camp. You can enjoy the epic road trip into the heart of Himalayan region. Apart from the classic EBC group tour, we also provide the featured group tour to Everest Base Camp with a lifetime Tibet train journey from Xining to Lhasa.
Thrilling, challenging but quite safe, trip to Everest Base Camp gives you the bragging right amid your well-travelled friends. The adrenaline-packed road trip starts from Lhasa, and passes glittering holy lakes and picturesque towns and villages.

Mount Kailash, one of the most sacred peak in the world with more than 1200 kilometers from Lhasa, has been one of the must-visit destinations for any of Tibet tour in recent years.
Touted as the most divine experience in Tibet, our classic Lhasa to Kailash group tour via EBC perfectly combines the sightseeing with religious pilgrimage. Be ready to drop your jaws upon seeing the sublime Mt. Everest and experience the spiritual 3-day kora around Mt. Kailash. In addition, we also provide small group tour to Mt.Kailash.

Altitude of Main Cities & Places of Interest in Tibet

City Altitude Attraction Altitude
Lhasa 3658 m/12001 ft Lake Yamdrok 4500 m/14764 ft
Nagqu 4507 m/14787 ft Tashilunpo Monastery 4800 m/15748 ft
Nyingchi 3000 m/9843 ft Rongbuk Monastery 5100 m/16732 ft
Tsedang 3500 m/11483 ft Mt. Everest Base Camp 5200 m/17060 ft
Xigatse 3836 m/12585 ft Yumbulagang Palace 3700 m/12139 ft
Gyangtse 4040 m/13255 ft Lake Namtso 4700 m/15420 ft
Tingri 4300 m/14108 ft Samye Monastery 3556 m/11667 ft

Tibet Travel Guide & Information

Travel Tibet China is a Tibetan Travel Agency in Tibet Founded in the Year 2003, Making us one of the oldest registered Tibetan travel agency in Tibet. Therefore, we can arrange all the Document required for your Tibet journey including travel permit. Offering wide ranges of travel services in Tibet; Tibet tour packages, Tibet flight tickets, and Tibet train tickets.

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