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Tashi Delek Meaning

We all know that there is a word in Tibetan, called Tashi Delek. In all kinds of film and television dramas, we often see Tibetan compatriots saying this Tashi Delek, and they are all casual, mantra-like existence.


But what does Tashi Delek mean?

Today, let's explore it. Tashi Delek is a Tibetan word (Latinized: bkra shis bde legs).

Tashi Delek is a warm and sincere greeting word that you have to learn if you were in Tibet. Rough equivalence to Hi or Hello but literally means "Good Luck & Good Health" in Tibetan. So, may I wish all the visitors a warm Tashi Delek!

Among them, "Tashi" means good luck, and "Dele" means happiness.

After integration, Tashi Delek probably means "auspicious".

This Tashi Delek is a daily greeting of our Tibetan compatriots, and it is a very polite word.

We must know that the relationship between Tibetan and Chinese is relatively shallow, and the relationship between Tibetan and Sanskrit is deeper, which is quite interesting, but it involves a very ancient history.

This is why Tibetan and Chinese, in fact, do not have much in common, pronunciation, grammar, etymology, and vocabulary, are quite different.