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Shalu to Nartang Trek in Tibet

Shalu to Nartang Trek in Tibet starts at the historic Shalu Monastery, passes through several villages as well as uninhabited dry canyons, and then ends at Nartang Monastery.

It is the shortest trek route in Tibet, just about 15 hours walking, you can divided into 2 or 3 days according to your personal physical condition. This two-three days trek is a good opportunity to get an experience of Tibet trekking tour.

Shalu to Nartang Trekking Route

Shalu Monastery(3980m) - Upper Lungsang - Ngor Monastery - Nartang Monastery

Not far away from Friend-ship Hwy, Shalu to Nartang trek follows the ancient trade route between the two great Buddhist monasteries. While you trek through the route, you can feel the caravans laden with scriptures and treasures that once passed this way. The optional walking season is from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Trekkers Itinerary
Day 1: Trek from Shalu Monastery (3980m) to Upper Lungsang
Day 2: Trek from Upper Lungsang to Ngor Monastery
Day 3: Trek from Ngor Monastery to Nartang Monastery

Highlights along the Route

Situated 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Shigatse and built in 1087, Shalu Monastery is a perfect combination of Han and Tibet architectural styles. In 1320, this monastery was administered by Master Purdain Renqen Zhuba, a renowned religious scholar who compiled the Tenjur sutra.

It is one of the classic works of Tibetan Budhism. It is said that about 3,800 monks were drawn to his teaching. Therefore, the monastery became a holy site for many worshipers.

Nartang Monastery, located 15 km west of Shigatse in Tibet, was founded in 1153 by one of the disciples of Atisha. It was the fourth great monastery of Tsang with Shalu Monastery, Sakya and Tashilhunpo.

Nartang was first famous for its scriptual teaching and monastic discipline. After the fourteenth century it gained great eminence as the oldest of Tibet's three great printing centres (the other being the Potala and the Derge).

Trekking Tips

1. Before you travel to Tibet, Tibet Entry Permit and other relative permits are necessary for your trip.

2. Due to high altitude, you need to take a physical examination before you go to Tibet.

3. There are large temperature difference between day and night and strong ultraviolet in Tibet, so you'd better take warm clothes and protect skin from sunburn.

4. Camp is a part of trekking tour, so you can bring tent and other equipment or just rent necessary gears in Lhasa.