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Songzong vast territory, beautiful environment. Pine town is located in the east of Bomi County. From the Bomi County east of 20 km, then see a lofty cliff, cliff bottom is well-known Long Ya shouting spring. Visitors at this point shouting "Please turn on the water" or knock on the cliff with stones, cliffs will be pouring trickle. Songzong town government behind two snow-capped mountains, the left is Song Dongba hot mountain, the right is a helmet mountain, two snow-capped mountains like a pair of brothers. Armor Hill formerly known as Ali measures day. Its close to the top part of the whole by the slate rock formation, long and clear line, the weathering to form a long level of several layers, from afar, showing the same as the Potala Palace castle pattern, but also like the ancient soldiers brave the armor Of the pattern, so called helmet mountain. In addition to the fixed season to enjoy the Song Dongba hot mountain, armor mountain beauty, but also perennial to Song Dongba God hot spring bath. It is said that bathing baths for three consecutive days can treat wind paralysis, stubborn skin diseases, dampness.

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