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Are you considering climbing a 8000 meters peak ? Join me in a great expedition in one of the most beautiful peaks in the world …

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Shishapangma summit is located in the Tibet, more precisely in Langtang National Park in China. It has 8013 meters high and it’s one of the most accessible world’s 8000 meters peak.

Due to the terrain, Shishapangma is not a technically difficulty climb and the access to Base Camp is done by a short trek. Besides this, it’s one of the highest peaks in the world, so participants must have an excellent physical condition. Additionally, it’s necessary to have prior climb experience in altitude.

Before giving more details about the program, I summarize the reasons why the Shishapangma ascent is a great option:

It’s not technically difficult and it’s easy to approach to the Base Camp;

During the treks and the ascent, we’ll enjoy incredible landscapes of the surrounding nature and also stunning views of other incredible peaks;

Besides the mountaineering part, the expedition also allow us to discover the Tibetan culture trekking through some traditional small villages.

I propose a 43-day program to discover this incredible area. The expedition starts in the city of Kathmandu in Nepal. After some days of travel through some traditional villages, we reach to the Chinese Base Camp. There we’ll take a few days for acclimatization. At least, we’ll take the normal climbing route to the top of our main peak objective.

As a IFMGA certified mountain guide, my principal objective is to offer you a program that meet your expectations and I think this is the ideal! So, I bring all my mountain experience to guide you in this amazing experience and help you to discover such a beautiful place.

If you have any interest in this program, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me. We’ll have the time to discuss about all the program details. It will be really my pleasure to guide you there!

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Shishapangma summit is located in the Tibet, more precisely in Langtang National Park in China. It has 8013 meters high and it’s one of the most accessible world’s 8000 meters peak. Due to ...

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