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Niang hot folk customs garden

Niangre resort-Lhasa folk custom garden with historical sites,cultural sections, living sections.It's a beautiful place to experience the Tibet village tour

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Niang hot folk customs garden is located in the northern suburbs of Lhasa, Nianggou ditch, 6 km from the city center, is the Lhasa city has a high cultural connotation of pure folk attractions. Nianggou ditch is a full of aura of the village, the scenic area surrounded by one of the three teachings of the Tibetan Temple of the salad temple, a long history of Ga Gini Temple, the invasion of Mi Buzha founded Tibetan and Tibetan Songzan Gambo early Tibetan and promulgated A Tibetan government decrees - Papeng Gang Temple, the famous song mulberry chase and the recent discovery of the Qu Gong site and other places of interest are numerous. Niang hot folk customs garden built folk art exhibition park, folk customs garden, forest card entertainment park, Tibetan-style rooms, folk Tibetan restaurant, also held a unique Tibetan marriage customs, so that Chinese and foreign tourists in which beautiful, beautiful.

Arrival and leave: travel along the mother's hot road to the Tibetan Military Region General Hospital (101,104 bus). The total hospital door to the west there is a road, go in the name of the mother hot ditch. Take a taxi to the city, about 6 km from the city.

Attraction type: leisure vacation

The best season: Lhasa is located on the north side of the Himalayas, by the impact of subsidence airflow, the whole year more eyes Lang weather, rare rainfall, no cold winter, summer without heat. Is a plateau monsoon semi-arid climate, the annual average temperature of 7.4 ℃, generally seven, eight, nine months for the best travel time.

Tickets: $ 50.

Opening hours: all day.

Address: 18, Niang She Road, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, China

Tel: 0891-6331089

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