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Together with Lake Manasarovar and Lake Yamdrok, Namtso Lake is famed as one of the Top Three Holy Lakes in Tibet. As the largest inflow salt lake in Tibet Autonomous Region and the second largest salt lake in China

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Sea as the vast lake, Mani heap into the trajectory, swaying colorful prayer, Namtso holy beauty can not resist.

Namtso, Tibetan for ‘Heavenly Lake’, is often described as being next to heaven because of its lofty altitude, stunning beauty, pure blue water, and spiritual associations.

It is the highest saltwater lake in the world. Snow-capped mountains and open grassland, dotted with yak herds and local nomads, surround the crystal clear water of Lake Nam, making it one of the most beautiful places in Tibet.

Namtso Lake - The Best Place for Photography

Namtso Lake, located the northwest of Lhasa is the highest saltwater lake in the world with an altitude of 4718 meters. As the second largest saltwater lake in China (next to Qinghai Lake), it covers an area of 1,920 square kilometers, with 70 kilometers in length from east to west and 30 kilometers in width from south to north. In Tibetan, Namtso means Heavenly Lake, also considered as one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, together with Yamdrok Lake and Lake Manasarovar. Consisting of over 1500 lakes and five big islands, which used to be the spiritual retreat, Namtso is the paradise of nature and a wonderful place for photo taking, especially in summer time. The Tashi Peninsula, the biggest island here stretches long and wreathed Namtso into its center, providing tourists a land for spiritual refreshment and hiking around.

How to Get to Namtso Lake

Located in the junction of Lhasa and Nagqu, with a distance of over 240 km from Lhasa, the Namtso Lake is surrounded by the Nyainqentanglha ranges in the south and Transhimalaya in the north. The other sides are vast plateau hilly region, which makes it like a huge mirror lie in the grasslands of northern Tibet.

Traveling to Namtso

A day trip is often recommended as the weather at night can be harsh and cold. It is cold there, even in summertime, so take a thick coat to keep warm, and hot drinks in vacuum flasks.

There is no hotel accommodation at Namtso, but there is a campsite with limited electricity and running water. You can find hotel accommodation in the town of Damxung, 2 hours away on the Lhasa road.

The low oxygen content can easily cause altitude sickness, especially in the morning, so do not do any strenuous activities. For example, when you are taking photos, do not squat down and stand up too quickly. Lake Namtso is quite a distance from Lhasa city, and 1,000 meters higher, so take some altitude medicine and oxygen with you in case of emergency.

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